The herbal medicines all over the mountain make me different

The each inch of terroir in the complex Languedoc is different,So that even though the wines come from
the same region could be widely different.And the wine you will taste now is not any wine you think, it’s 

From the fertile Mediterranean Sea plain to relatively barren inland the different  vineyard locations
cause the subtle flavor difference, Which also be influenced by the herbal medicines all over the
mountain. And that is the secret of outstanding Sarcelle.

Experts Recommendations 

The grapes are very plump when picked, with subtle and silky tannic and smells of wild berry, lime soil, 
fresh leather, licorice and aromas of lite spice, black cherry, fennel, oak, rosemary, which could reflect 
the complex of the terroir.

It shows an enchanting color of deep ruby red, with a typical pepper smell of syrah and fragrance of 
Mediterranean sea bush faintly above the full-bodied fruital, which combined with oak barrel. The 
exquisite tannic and the steady structure will persuade everyone to believe that it will show 
extraordinary talents after aged.

The tannic is mellow, full and gentle, the acidity is just perfect to provide enough brace and keep a 
joyful mouth feel. It has a balanced, harmonious and elegant body, and a plump structure with 
abundant flavor substance and long lingering charm. It could be aged for many years.