2000 years, 8000ha land, the vine’s loyalist

The vineyard’s history could be retrospected to 2000 years ago.
Dozens of generations, countless families,nourished the vines and irrigated the spirit of land
with their sweat.

Breeding, withering, foison and disaster, rolled on in cycles heaps of times,
But nothing could change the loyalty of the land to the vines.
The accumulated power gestated outstanding and famous grapes finally,
Blessing the devout vine guardians from generation to generation.

Until half a century ago, the production and marketing union of Les Vignerons de la Vicomté regroups 
producers from more than 45 villages in the heart of the Languedoc in the South of France and who 
cultivate some 8000 ha of vines. Multitudinous individuals grouped into a powerful organization,
household production evolved to a modern enterprise, plain thought coveraged to great faith.
They are the descendants of the vine growers years ago, passionate about their land over the
generations, the Union is also a team composed of young oenologists combining their know-how and
creativity to meet your needs, now they are planting over 8000ha vineyard with their deep respect for
the land, creating wine miracles one after another.

"I grew up in the wine country, I will always miss my hometown and wine even when I went to
college or worked outside. The vineyard has my father’s painstaking care, so he is not willing to 
see it to be transferred or wither away just because that he is getting old. I’m his son, so I’m back. 
For my family career. "
                                                                                           ——Heartfelt wish of family vineyard successor